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A Brief Guide To Knowing The Various Type Of Beer

Today, there are hundreds of types of beer and organizations with their own unique classifications. As the variety of beers continues to evolve, understanding the sensory side of crafting this one drink will give you a little insight and enthusiasm for beer.

If you are looking for a complete reference on the types of beer with many nuances, it seems this article is not for you. However, if you would like a quick guide to the most common types of beer, I hope this article will help you. Here’s a quick guide to the most common types of beer in the world


 The name of this beer comes from German and means a storage room. What is meant by the storage room itself is that beer is made and then stored at low temperature and uses a special yeast. As for taste, these beers tend to be lighter in color and taste and more frothy.


Perhaps this is the most popular type of beer originally used to describe beer made without hops. Most types of beer fall into the Ales or Lagers category. Ales use gruit (a mixture of herbs and spices) as a bitter substance, now most ales use hops ( main ingredients for beer that look like a green flower seed).


This beer is generally dark in color and made with roasted malt (or roasted barley), hops, water, and yeast.


The inventor of Pilsner named this beer from the town of Bohemian – Plzeň. The popularity of this beer increased along with the appearance of glass bottles around the 1850s which can show its light golden brown color. This beer has a characteristic refreshing taste, perfect for summer.

Indian Pale Ale

This beer is very popular among brewers. This beer dates back to the 19th century when British beer was shipped to India with the addition of hops to help preserve the beer and survive the longboat voyages.


The most popular German beer made in the traditional Bavarian style. Its trademark is strong malted wheat (not barley). Also commonly referred to as Weizenbier or Hefeweizen. The average beer has sweet and has a strong taste.


Historically this beer is closely related to religious festivals used to consume this drink as a source of nutrition when fasting. This beer originated from the city of Einbeck in Germany but became very popular in Munich. The original Bock is quite dark and malty, but today’s modern interpretations lighten it up.

American Lager

This type of beer is the most popular type of beer in the United States. This beer turns out to be the same as the Lager from Germany. German immigrants residing in America brought and introduced this beer around the 19th century. This Pale Lager uses additional grain ingredients such as rice or corn which ends up providing a light, refreshing texture without complex flavors.