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Month: September 2019

Best Beer In The Southeast Asian Region, Which One Do You Love The Most ?

You stay at southeast asian region and love playing around the southeast asian country often ?here the information u need to know when you strolling around from country to country, u should try these 8 kind of beer. The best of the best around southeasy asian region, Here are 8 of the best beers in Southeast Asia that we recommend for you:

1. Bintang Beer

As a beer product that dominates the market in Indonesia, it’s too much if you don’t know this one beer brand. Even non-beer drinkers know by looking at the logo printed on the bottle. Bintang beer is produced under a partnership with Heineken, so the taste of the beer produced is almost the same. Gold-colored, slightly sweet, and very carbonated; suitable for tropical air like Indonesia. And its very popular in the bali island, so its even make Binta Beer more famous than the others.

2. Angkor Beer

Just like the famous Bintang Beer in Indonesia, Angkor Beer is a signature beer from Cambodia that has been produced since 1960. Although the alcohol content is 5%, the flavor offered is quite mild and has a hoppy-mild bitterness after taste so it feels quite fresh when passing through throat. Another interesting fact is that Cambodians are known as heavy drinkers, so it is very easy to get Angkor Beer in every corner of the city, including in street stalls.

3. Beerlao

Myanmar’s proud beer was once rewarded as ‘The Best Beer in Asia’ by Time Magazine and The Bangkok Post’s ‘Dom Perignon of Asian Beers’. A decent achievement for a beer produced by developing countries in the Southeast Asia region. Beerlao was first produced in 1973. For four decades and finally worked with Carlsberg, this beer is one of the beer favored by expats living in Laos, Myanmar. The producer from Beerlao claims that this beer uses the best ingredients such as German hops, dry yeast, French wheat, and locally processed wheat.

4. Bia Huda

Almost every major city in Vietnam has its beer products. In the city named Hue, the official beer in circulation is Huda, which is produced in a partnership with Carlsberg. This beer has a fairly mild taste, slightly crispy with the aroma of wheat which is quite pronounced. Like most Vietnamese beers, Huda is usually served cold. Sometimes mixed with ice cubes.

5. Bia Saigon

Produced by the Saigon Beer-Alcohol-Beverage Corporation, Bia Saigon can only be found in Ho Chi Minh City. Golden in color with a mixture of wheat and boiled vegetables, this beer is highly recommended as a perfect drinking companion when you visit Ho Chi Minh City.

6. Chang Beer

Although this local Thai beer seems “cheap”, it doesn’t hurt to taste this beer when traveling to the White Elephant Land. Having a sweet taste and pale gold color, this beer is suitable for consumption along with typical Thai roadside food.

7. San Miguel Pale Pilsen

Produced in Manila since 1890, this beer controls 90% of the beer market in the Philippines. After successfully developing in Southeast Asia, San Miguel also won a top market share in Hong Kong. A pilsner that is rich in flavor with a little mixture of quality caramel and wheat, San Miguel Pale Pilsen is made to absorb warm weather and as the right companion to drink when you eat typical Filipino food, Balut. And this one is the most loved beer by us, u guys should try it !

8. Tiger Beer

This is one of the famous signatures from Singapore. It’s easy to get wherever you go to the culinary area there. Having the slogan Time for a Tiger since beer was first thrown to the public, a novelist named Anthony Burgess adapted the slogan for his first book from the Malayan Trilogy series.