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Month: August 2019

Beer Can Give You Something Positif For Your Body

Sometimes, beer is considered as bad influence for people, Even Beer is categorized as a scourge. For certain circles, drinking beer is common. But for some people, drinking beer is just a myth. Because drinking with any type of alcohol content will not bring health to the body. So, not many people know what the real benefits behind drinking beer.
So, what is the ideal amount of beer to consume? Researchers limit drinking two glasses of beer a day, so they can get the benefits. Curious what are the benefits of drinking beer with the right portion? Lets Check it out!

1. Bioavailable silicon content in beer can prevent osteoporosis, your bones will be healthy to old age!
According to the results of an analysis from a study published in the Natural Medicine Journal, people who drink at least two beers a day have stronger bones.
Beer contains a number of bioavailable silicon, which is a basic element for bone development and skeletal bone structure. So drinking beer with the right portion will increase bone mineral density thereby reducing the risk of osteoporosis.

2. Drinking beer will maintain the immune system, so you don’t get sick easily
People who don’t drink beer will be three times more likely to get the flu, according to the results of a study from the Common Cold Unit in Salisbury.
Well, how come? This wheat-based beer contains an antioxidant that acts to protect cells from damage. In addition, beer is known to be anti-microbial thanks to the bitter flower hops used in brewing. This helps beer drinkers fight disease and also develops a good immune system. Hmm … great, yeah.


3. The benefits of a healthy heart can be obtained, as long as the portion of beer consumed is the right amount
Beer almost reduces the risk of heart disease well by 42 percent.
Beer contains folate which can help reduce homocysteine ​​in the blood. Because if the level of homocysteine ​​is low, then someone is more likely to avoid heart disease. Drinking a glass of beer per day can also reduce blood clots, it is very good for someone suffering from heart disease to live longer.

4. You won’t be senile, beer helps maintain your brain’s ability at all times
Preventing Alzheimer’s Beer can help prevent Alzheimer’s.
Research shows that absorption of minerals by the brain is limited by beer consumption and can in turn prevent Alzheimer’s.
Researchers in China found that xanthohumol compounds in beer are known to have antioxidant and anti-cancer benefits, which can slow the progression of degenerative nerve diseases. Stay away from senile!

5. Beer is rich in B vitamins and iron, which is effective in reducing fatigue, lethargy to pigmentation
Wheat in beer contains B vitamins
The yeast contained in beer contains B vitamins that work to improve overall body health. This vitamin makes your skin soft and smooth and can reverse pigmentation to some extent.
Besides B vitamins, the iron contained in beer prevents you from feeling tired, lethargic and easily offended. Iron will circulate oxygen more quickly from the lungs to muscles and other organs

6. Thanks to beer, our kidneys will automatically be protected
Beer has kidney protective properties, so it can prevent you from getting kidney stones by 40 percent. Kidney stones can slowly disappear with beer therapy, of course with the proper levels, yes!

7. Beer doesn’t make you dehydrated. Beer actually accelerates the recovery process after practice
Beer is very good in terms of preventing dehydration. Therefore, beer is often the choice of athletes to choose to consume beer compared to water when post exercise. Drinking two glasses of beer is proven to restore lost fluids in the body. Those who drink beer are a bit more hydrated than those who drink water. Even so, you still have to drink water regularly for your health.

8. Need a laxative? Beer is the answer!
If you don’t know, beer is actually included in the high fiber beverage category. Beer itself has advantages that most other drinks don’t have. The fiber contained in beer is a natural laxative. Drinking beer is good for digestion and gives the effect of feeling full so it helps prevent overeating.

9. All intestines are also maintained you know, what is not good this beer?
Beer can help keep your intestine healthy, because alcohol in beer can fight the bacteria that causes heartburn, Helicobacter pylori, as reported in research from The American Journal of Gastroenterology.
Drinking beer in moderation turns out to be good for your digestive tract. Not only that, beer is a source of prebiotic nutrients that maintain good bacteria in your intestines.

10. Diabetes can also be treated by beer. Wow, how come?
Ingredients in brewing ingredients can cure diabetes. Based on research at Universite Catholique de