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Month: July 2019

Wrong Facts About Beer Which People Always Arguing About

Beer, who doesn’t know beer? This alcoholic beverage made through the process of fermentation and distillation is referred to as the third most popular beverage, after water and tea. Some even say that beer is the oldest alcoholic beverage in the world. In line with the beer master, there are many understandings or even myths about this drink that turned out to be wrong. The following are several myths about beer that must be straightened out, lets check it out !

1. Beer is dangerous to health This sentence is the myth most often heard. One thing that must be understood is, anything that is excessive is always bad for health. Arrangement in matters of eating and drinking is a key that we must pay attention to for health conditions. Also, there has been a lot of research in the health field that shows that when beer is consumed, it can have a positive effect on the body. Beer is also known to contain important proteins and vitamins which mostly come from natural ingredients.

2. Delicious beer in a cold state ice beer is indeed refreshing, especially when the weather is hot. But, if the beer is too cold, it is likely to affect the rich taste that you should feel more. Because, many beers are made with rich flavors, and the cooler the beer is served, the less likely you are to taste it. Thus, it is best to enjoy beer in a cool enough state, and the rich taste will emerge fully.

3. Beer in a bottle is better than in a can ? Remember beer in a bottle can not be guaranteed as a beer that is better than those packed in a can. The can promises beer quality that will be better because beer is protected from direct light so that the flavor is more awake.

4. Beer does not have to foam The air affects the quantity of foam when the beer is poured. Thus, the lack of air contamination in beer will trigger a lot of foam bubbles. beer seal that helps keep the beer from the influence of outside air. So, the more foam bubbles that appear the more it indicates the freshness of the beer.

5. Brewer’s main yeast This topic has long been a debate. But it needs to be emphasized, yeast is not the main ingredient of beer makers. Yeast is only used as a catalyst in the brewing process. Undeniably, yeast is indeed an important part of the brewing process. Yeast helps convert sugar into alcohol, and also brings out the fruit flavor and the distinctive golden color of beer. However, yeast is filtered out after the fermentation process, and for this reason, it cannot be considered the main ingredient of beer. Most beer is made from wheat and hops. These wheat seeds form sugar and enzymes which break down protein with the help of yeast. While hops, also known as Humulus lupulus, are used as flavoring ingredients and that maintain the taste of beer, to add to the bitter and sour taste.

6. Make wine much more complicated Make no mistake. Brewing turns out to be complicated and not as simple as a mixture of wheat, hops, and water. Just like wine, many variables can affect the taste of beer. Starting from the source of water, soil, and climate at the location of beer production, everything affects the taste and aroma of beer products. So rest assured, the process needed to create a high-flavor beer is somewhat complicated and can be considered equivalent to the complexity of winemaking.