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Month: June 2019

5 Facts About Beer

Beer is one of the oldest drinks in the world and of course, it is reasonable to make beer the most popular beverage to enjoy. Do you like beer ? lets Join us to see interesting facts from the third most consumed beverage in the world.


 1. The taste of beer from cans is no different

Beer Snobs (people who rarely drink beer) Have argued against canned packaging since it was first introduced in 1935 they claimed aluminum ruined beer by giving it a metallic taste. Many Beer Experts respond to that matters. They say if you pour beer into a glass and don’t stick your lips to the tin,you won’t feel the metal at all because there’s a plastic coating on the inside of the can. Cans can even be better than bottles, one reason is the freshness of beer depends on the protection of three things: oxygen, heat, and light. And the cans are good for protecting from air, but a definite advantage is that they block the arrival of UV rays that damage the taste.

 2. Beer is one of the oldest drinks in the world

 It Said that Beer is the nectar of the Gods and ancient culture certainly knows that. Mesopotamia, Celts and several others have the goddess of beer and pray to them to provide a consistent taste. There is also a special Sumerian drinking song derived from the 3900-year-old text “Song for Ninkasi” which is the goddess of beer. It is Contains the earliest known recipe for brewing. Its recorded that Archaeological evidence for brewing is in 7,000 BC but it is also possible that beer was made in 10,000 BC. In the age When humans first started growing wheat cereals. One theory says that is the reason why humans began farming, so basically the birth of civilization all to praise Ninkasi.

 3. Beer Has Many Positive Effects for Health

Drinking drunk is never good for you or anyone but actually, beer is good for health if we enjoyed the beer with care. The fact is that Beer will help to reduce the risk of heart disease which is the most scarier death problem in America. Black beer and stouts are very good against atherosclerosis which is a medical term when arterial walls are blocked by cholesterol, it also protects against degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s caused by Antho Huemul compounds found in hop plants. This compound helps protect nerve cells in the brain effectively slowing the progression of the disease. But recently a study in the British Medical Journal also concluded that a small amount of alcohol consumption can increase the risk of cancer. As the saying goes moderation in everything and cancer exists in everything.

4. Brewing Waste Can Be Used For Bone Regeneration

Even byproducts produced during brewing have a positive effect. Many of the waste leftover from brewing contains important chemical compounds found in human bones such as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and silica. After the modification process, waste can be used to support various variations of bone regeneration practices such as coding prosthesis or bone graft. Now it is time to reduce the accumulation of environmental wastes so that it is a win-win solution, researchers also found that beer is an important source of silicon minerals in the growth of strong and healthy bones.

 5. Alcoholics in Amsterdam Payed by beer to clean the environtment

In an experimental project funded by the Dutch government, alcoholics are paid in beer to clear street debris and rubbish. Their payment includes two beers before work, two beers at lunch and one at the end of the day plus some money. And like other controversial policies in Amsterdam, the results are very encouraging. If they are alcoholics they will drink, so why not make it a volunteer with a little training and create a community.