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A Brief Guide To Knowing The Various Type Of Beer

Today, there are hundreds of types of beer and organizations with their own unique classifications. As the variety of beers continues to evolve, understanding the sensory side of crafting this one drink will give you a little insight and enthusiasm for beer.

If you are looking for a complete reference on the types of beer with many nuances, it seems this article is not for you. However, if you would like a quick guide to the most common types of beer, I hope this article will help you. Here’s a quick guide to the most common types of beer in the world


 The name of this beer comes from German and means a storage room. What is meant by the storage room itself is that beer is made and then stored at low temperature and uses a special yeast. As for taste, these beers tend to be lighter in color and taste and more frothy.


Perhaps this is the most popular type of beer originally used to describe beer made without hops. Most types of beer fall into the Ales or Lagers category. Ales use gruit (a mixture of herbs and spices) as a bitter substance, now most ales use hops ( main ingredients for beer that look like a green flower seed).


This beer is generally dark in color and made with roasted malt (or roasted barley), hops, water, and yeast.


The inventor of Pilsner named this beer from the town of Bohemian – Plzeň. The popularity of this beer increased along with the appearance of glass bottles around the 1850s which can show its light golden brown color. This beer has a characteristic refreshing taste, perfect for summer.

Indian Pale Ale

This beer is very popular among brewers. This beer dates back to the 19th century when British beer was shipped to India with the addition of hops to help preserve the beer and survive the longboat voyages.


The most popular German beer made in the traditional Bavarian style. Its trademark is strong malted wheat (not barley). Also commonly referred to as Weizenbier or Hefeweizen. The average beer has sweet and has a strong taste.


Historically this beer is closely related to religious festivals used to consume this drink as a source of nutrition when fasting. This beer originated from the city of Einbeck in Germany but became very popular in Munich. The original Bock is quite dark and malty, but today’s modern interpretations lighten it up.

American Lager

This type of beer is the most popular type of beer in the United States. This beer turns out to be the same as the Lager from Germany. German immigrants residing in America brought and introduced this beer around the 19th century. This Pale Lager uses additional grain ingredients such as rice or corn which ends up providing a light, refreshing texture without complex flavors. 

Why so Many Man Arround The World Including People Called Agen Sbobet Have “Beer Belly”?

Men all around the world sure love to drink beer. After long exhaustion from the word, drink cold beer wilp help people to release the stress. On average 42% people on the world choose beer over others alcohols. So you might not be surprised to hear that according to some studies, more than half of adults in the world have beer bellies or what we call bloated stomachs.

But don’t swear on a cold Friday night because it’s not beer we have to blame. Because every people arround the world have their own body shape, such as oval or inverted triangle and apple-shaped body. Each body shape have their own places to store fat depending on their genetics and hormones. For women, the favourite place to store fat is in their thighs, arms and the back and for men tend to store fat in their stomachs. That is why so many man arround the world have their stomach bloated.

People called agen sbobet and player usually enjoy their games with drinking beer in a cafe, or football venue. In Asia, majority their watch and drink at night cause by timezone difference in live match. Agen sbobet people such as HokiPanda enjoy their time with colleague and player watching live match european league while drinking beer at night. HokiPanda is one of the sbobet agent(agen sbobet) companies that enjoy beer and is engaged in online gambling.

Pandahoki, which is the holding company of Hokipanda, is also the best dealer is one of the best dealers that support certain beer houses in Southeast Asia, for each member that loyal to that beerhouse could get promo or bonus to play on the website. They also offer points redeem as much as you play and drink beer.

Most of it is a type of fat called visceral fat, which hides deep in the stomach. In men, visceral fat tends to accumulate behind the abdominal wall making the stomach pushed out, creating a protruding beer belly. Despite that name, “beer belly,” it’s a bit wrong because beer belly isn’t just exclusive for beer drinkers. Because the real problem is not the beer itself but the calories in it.

On average, our favorite beer that we drink contains about 150 calories per can. That’s 30 to 50 calories more than a 5-ounce glass of wine and 45 calories more than one glass of “one shot” whiskey. And if you don’t burn them, those extra calories can go straight to your stomach. But not only the number of calories plays an important role, but also the type of calories.

Beer contains high levels of refined carbohydrates, which according to research can disrupt insulin levels and increase fat storage around our organs. And while one serving of wine, for example, only contains 1 or 2 grams of carbohydrate, one serving of beer contains 10 to 20. It doesn’t matter whether these calories and carbohydrates come from beer specifically or from other types, fast food. So the good news is that beer in moderation shouldn’t make you have a beer belly. Even so, no matter where it comes from, beer belly is bad news. That’s because visceral fat encloses your kidneys, liver and intestines and releases hormones that can interfere with their normal functioning, and that can cause problems such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer. If that hasn’t sounded bad enough, once your stomach runs out of space to store the visceral fat, your body may begin to contain it in nearby organs, which can cause fatty liver disease and other problems.

In fact, one study has found that men with beer belly or waist-to-hip ratio (WHR) of more than 0.9 have a risk of death 87% higher than those who have the same amount of fat in other body parts. 87%, that’s a high number. Many people who are thin usually have big belly to, that’s mean they must aware because that big belly can be life threatening too. And men are more likely to have big belly, because their hormone testosterone will decreased based on their age. When they grow old this sex hormone that helps keep men slim will decreases with age. So please drink beer with consideration ! and enjoy the beer! cheers!

Beer Can Be a Sponsor Of The Business World

In Europe, beer is not a something taboo to talk about or consume. This makes beer easy to sponsor sports events. Likewise in the English league, beer is a source of income for clubs and league managers. Almost all teams have sponsors, both the main sponsor and the co-sponsor, and beer products are part of the sponsorship.

There are a lot of soccer club who got supported by online betting company. You name it, 365bet, betway, fun88, hokipanda, w88 and many more which most of their product is bola online and casino online. They have been trying to join various soccer clubs since mid-2011 and intend to become one of the sponsors. That actually between football, beer and gambling are three inseparable things. .

As for Beer, they have Carlsberg as one of the biggest. The Danish beer products have been sponsors of the European Cup since 1988. Collaboration with the Premier League is a big step for Carlsberg. The collaboration made them an official beer partner, which began in the 2013/2014 season. Carlsberg wants to penetrate intensely, especially since the English League lasts 38 weeks a year.

Before binding cooperation with Carslberg, Budweiser had sponsored the English League. However, the collaboration was canceled in the 2009/2010 season. A number of beer companies had offered to become the main sponsors, but a number of clubs did not approve of it. Because sponsorship revenue is shared equally, it requires the approval of at least 14 of the 20 clubs to make decisions.

Why did Carslberg succeed? Of course, because they have sponsored nine clubs that competed in the English League. Then the support will be much easier. They became official sponsors of Aston Villa, Liverpool, Queens Park Rangers, Southampton, Stoke City, Swansea, Tottenham Hotspur, West Bromwich Albion, and West Ham United. By having many teams on their side, it is not difficult for Carslberg to become part of the English League itself. And since then Carslberg has become the official beer partner for the English League until this season.

Well, it turns out that history between football, beer and gambling and casinos are not separated. And all of those things are very pleasant things and are loved by all people throughout the world both from the upper classes to the lower classes. All of these are pleasant things as long as we do them carefully and according to our size and abilities and capacities.

Next, we will also provide data on teams in the Premier League that have sponsors of Beer and what kind of beer they sponsor. stay tune with us!

Best Beer In The Southeast Asian Region, Which One Do You Love The Most ?

You stay at southeast asian region and love playing around the southeast asian country often ?here the information u need to know when you strolling around from country to country, u should try these 8 kind of beer. The best of the best around southeasy asian region, Here are 8 of the best beers in Southeast Asia that we recommend for you:

1. Bintang Beer

As a beer product that dominates the market in Indonesia, it’s too much if you don’t know this one beer brand. Even non-beer drinkers know by looking at the logo printed on the bottle. Bintang beer is produced under a partnership with Heineken, so the taste of the beer produced is almost the same. Gold-colored, slightly sweet, and very carbonated; suitable for tropical air like Indonesia. And its very popular in the bali island, so its even make Binta Beer more famous than the others.

2. Angkor Beer

Just like the famous Bintang Beer in Indonesia, Angkor Beer is a signature beer from Cambodia that has been produced since 1960. Although the alcohol content is 5%, the flavor offered is quite mild and has a hoppy-mild bitterness after taste so it feels quite fresh when passing through throat. Another interesting fact is that Cambodians are known as heavy drinkers, so it is very easy to get Angkor Beer in every corner of the city, including in street stalls.

3. Beerlao

Myanmar’s proud beer was once rewarded as ‘The Best Beer in Asia’ by Time Magazine and The Bangkok Post’s ‘Dom Perignon of Asian Beers’. A decent achievement for a beer produced by developing countries in the Southeast Asia region. Beerlao was first produced in 1973. For four decades and finally worked with Carlsberg, this beer is one of the beer favored by expats living in Laos, Myanmar. The producer from Beerlao claims that this beer uses the best ingredients such as German hops, dry yeast, French wheat, and locally processed wheat.

4. Bia Huda

Almost every major city in Vietnam has its beer products. In the city named Hue, the official beer in circulation is Huda, which is produced in a partnership with Carlsberg. This beer has a fairly mild taste, slightly crispy with the aroma of wheat which is quite pronounced. Like most Vietnamese beers, Huda is usually served cold. Sometimes mixed with ice cubes.

5. Bia Saigon

Produced by the Saigon Beer-Alcohol-Beverage Corporation, Bia Saigon can only be found in Ho Chi Minh City. Golden in color with a mixture of wheat and boiled vegetables, this beer is highly recommended as a perfect drinking companion when you visit Ho Chi Minh City.

6. Chang Beer

Although this local Thai beer seems “cheap”, it doesn’t hurt to taste this beer when traveling to the White Elephant Land. Having a sweet taste and pale gold color, this beer is suitable for consumption along with typical Thai roadside food.

7. San Miguel Pale Pilsen

Produced in Manila since 1890, this beer controls 90% of the beer market in the Philippines. After successfully developing in Southeast Asia, San Miguel also won a top market share in Hong Kong. A pilsner that is rich in flavor with a little mixture of quality caramel and wheat, San Miguel Pale Pilsen is made to absorb warm weather and as the right companion to drink when you eat typical Filipino food, Balut. And this one is the most loved beer by us, u guys should try it !

8. Tiger Beer

This is one of the famous signatures from Singapore. It’s easy to get wherever you go to the culinary area there. Having the slogan Time for a Tiger since beer was first thrown to the public, a novelist named Anthony Burgess adapted the slogan for his first book from the Malayan Trilogy series.

Beer Can Give You Something Positif For Your Body

Sometimes, beer is considered as bad influence for people, Even Beer is categorized as a scourge. For certain circles, drinking beer is common. But for some people, drinking beer is just a myth. Because drinking with any type of alcohol content will not bring health to the body. So, not many people know what the real benefits behind drinking beer.
So, what is the ideal amount of beer to consume? Researchers limit drinking two glasses of beer a day, so they can get the benefits. Curious what are the benefits of drinking beer with the right portion? Lets Check it out!

1. Bioavailable silicon content in beer can prevent osteoporosis, your bones will be healthy to old age!
According to the results of an analysis from a study published in the Natural Medicine Journal, people who drink at least two beers a day have stronger bones.
Beer contains a number of bioavailable silicon, which is a basic element for bone development and skeletal bone structure. So drinking beer with the right portion will increase bone mineral density thereby reducing the risk of osteoporosis.

2. Drinking beer will maintain the immune system, so you don’t get sick easily
People who don’t drink beer will be three times more likely to get the flu, according to the results of a study from the Common Cold Unit in Salisbury.
Well, how come? This wheat-based beer contains an antioxidant that acts to protect cells from damage. In addition, beer is known to be anti-microbial thanks to the bitter flower hops used in brewing. This helps beer drinkers fight disease and also develops a good immune system. Hmm … great, yeah.


3. The benefits of a healthy heart can be obtained, as long as the portion of beer consumed is the right amount
Beer almost reduces the risk of heart disease well by 42 percent.
Beer contains folate which can help reduce homocysteine ​​in the blood. Because if the level of homocysteine ​​is low, then someone is more likely to avoid heart disease. Drinking a glass of beer per day can also reduce blood clots, it is very good for someone suffering from heart disease to live longer.

4. You won’t be senile, beer helps maintain your brain’s ability at all times
Preventing Alzheimer’s Beer can help prevent Alzheimer’s.
Research shows that absorption of minerals by the brain is limited by beer consumption and can in turn prevent Alzheimer’s.
Researchers in China found that xanthohumol compounds in beer are known to have antioxidant and anti-cancer benefits, which can slow the progression of degenerative nerve diseases. Stay away from senile!

5. Beer is rich in B vitamins and iron, which is effective in reducing fatigue, lethargy to pigmentation
Wheat in beer contains B vitamins
The yeast contained in beer contains B vitamins that work to improve overall body health. This vitamin makes your skin soft and smooth and can reverse pigmentation to some extent.
Besides B vitamins, the iron contained in beer prevents you from feeling tired, lethargic and easily offended. Iron will circulate oxygen more quickly from the lungs to muscles and other organs

6. Thanks to beer, our kidneys will automatically be protected
Beer has kidney protective properties, so it can prevent you from getting kidney stones by 40 percent. Kidney stones can slowly disappear with beer therapy, of course with the proper levels, yes!

7. Beer doesn’t make you dehydrated. Beer actually accelerates the recovery process after practice
Beer is very good in terms of preventing dehydration. Therefore, beer is often the choice of athletes to choose to consume beer compared to water when post exercise. Drinking two glasses of beer is proven to restore lost fluids in the body. Those who drink beer are a bit more hydrated than those who drink water. Even so, you still have to drink water regularly for your health.

8. Need a laxative? Beer is the answer!
If you don’t know, beer is actually included in the high fiber beverage category. Beer itself has advantages that most other drinks don’t have. The fiber contained in beer is a natural laxative. Drinking beer is good for digestion and gives the effect of feeling full so it helps prevent overeating.

9. All intestines are also maintained you know, what is not good this beer?
Beer can help keep your intestine healthy, because alcohol in beer can fight the bacteria that causes heartburn, Helicobacter pylori, as reported in research from The American Journal of Gastroenterology.
Drinking beer in moderation turns out to be good for your digestive tract. Not only that, beer is a source of prebiotic nutrients that maintain good bacteria in your intestines.

10. Diabetes can also be treated by beer. Wow, how come?
Ingredients in brewing ingredients can cure diabetes. Based on research at Universite Catholique de

Wrong Facts About Beer Which People Always Arguing About

Beer, who doesn’t know beer? This alcoholic beverage made through the process of fermentation and distillation is referred to as the third most popular beverage, after water and tea. Some even say that beer is the oldest alcoholic beverage in the world. In line with the beer master, there are many understandings or even myths about this drink that turned out to be wrong. The following are several myths about beer that must be straightened out, lets check it out !

1. Beer is dangerous to health This sentence is the myth most often heard. One thing that must be understood is, anything that is excessive is always bad for health. Arrangement in matters of eating and drinking is a key that we must pay attention to for health conditions. Also, there has been a lot of research in the health field that shows that when beer is consumed, it can have a positive effect on the body. Beer is also known to contain important proteins and vitamins which mostly come from natural ingredients.

2. Delicious beer in a cold state ice beer is indeed refreshing, especially when the weather is hot. But, if the beer is too cold, it is likely to affect the rich taste that you should feel more. Because, many beers are made with rich flavors, and the cooler the beer is served, the less likely you are to taste it. Thus, it is best to enjoy beer in a cool enough state, and the rich taste will emerge fully.

3. Beer in a bottle is better than in a can ? Remember beer in a bottle can not be guaranteed as a beer that is better than those packed in a can. The can promises beer quality that will be better because beer is protected from direct light so that the flavor is more awake.

4. Beer does not have to foam The air affects the quantity of foam when the beer is poured. Thus, the lack of air contamination in beer will trigger a lot of foam bubbles. beer seal that helps keep the beer from the influence of outside air. So, the more foam bubbles that appear the more it indicates the freshness of the beer.

5. Brewer’s main yeast This topic has long been a debate. But it needs to be emphasized, yeast is not the main ingredient of beer makers. Yeast is only used as a catalyst in the brewing process. Undeniably, yeast is indeed an important part of the brewing process. Yeast helps convert sugar into alcohol, and also brings out the fruit flavor and the distinctive golden color of beer. However, yeast is filtered out after the fermentation process, and for this reason, it cannot be considered the main ingredient of beer. Most beer is made from wheat and hops. These wheat seeds form sugar and enzymes which break down protein with the help of yeast. While hops, also known as Humulus lupulus, are used as flavoring ingredients and that maintain the taste of beer, to add to the bitter and sour taste.

6. Make wine much more complicated Make no mistake. Brewing turns out to be complicated and not as simple as a mixture of wheat, hops, and water. Just like wine, many variables can affect the taste of beer. Starting from the source of water, soil, and climate at the location of beer production, everything affects the taste and aroma of beer products. So rest assured, the process needed to create a high-flavor beer is somewhat complicated and can be considered equivalent to the complexity of winemaking.

5 Facts About Beer

Beer is one of the oldest drinks in the world and of course, it is reasonable to make beer the most popular beverage to enjoy. Do you like beer ? lets Join us to see interesting facts from the third most consumed beverage in the world.


 1. The taste of beer from cans is no different

Beer Snobs (people who rarely drink beer) Have argued against canned packaging since it was first introduced in 1935 they claimed aluminum ruined beer by giving it a metallic taste. Many Beer Experts respond to that matters. They say if you pour beer into a glass and don’t stick your lips to the tin,you won’t feel the metal at all because there’s a plastic coating on the inside of the can. Cans can even be better than bottles, one reason is the freshness of beer depends on the protection of three things: oxygen, heat, and light. And the cans are good for protecting from air, but a definite advantage is that they block the arrival of UV rays that damage the taste.

 2. Beer is one of the oldest drinks in the world

 It Said that Beer is the nectar of the Gods and ancient culture certainly knows that. Mesopotamia, Celts and several others have the goddess of beer and pray to them to provide a consistent taste. There is also a special Sumerian drinking song derived from the 3900-year-old text “Song for Ninkasi” which is the goddess of beer. It is Contains the earliest known recipe for brewing. Its recorded that Archaeological evidence for brewing is in 7,000 BC but it is also possible that beer was made in 10,000 BC. In the age When humans first started growing wheat cereals. One theory says that is the reason why humans began farming, so basically the birth of civilization all to praise Ninkasi.

 3. Beer Has Many Positive Effects for Health

Drinking drunk is never good for you or anyone but actually, beer is good for health if we enjoyed the beer with care. The fact is that Beer will help to reduce the risk of heart disease which is the most scarier death problem in America. Black beer and stouts are very good against atherosclerosis which is a medical term when arterial walls are blocked by cholesterol, it also protects against degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s caused by Antho Huemul compounds found in hop plants. This compound helps protect nerve cells in the brain effectively slowing the progression of the disease. But recently a study in the British Medical Journal also concluded that a small amount of alcohol consumption can increase the risk of cancer. As the saying goes moderation in everything and cancer exists in everything.

4. Brewing Waste Can Be Used For Bone Regeneration

Even byproducts produced during brewing have a positive effect. Many of the waste leftover from brewing contains important chemical compounds found in human bones such as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and silica. After the modification process, waste can be used to support various variations of bone regeneration practices such as coding prosthesis or bone graft. Now it is time to reduce the accumulation of environmental wastes so that it is a win-win solution, researchers also found that beer is an important source of silicon minerals in the growth of strong and healthy bones.

 5. Alcoholics in Amsterdam Payed by beer to clean the environtment

In an experimental project funded by the Dutch government, alcoholics are paid in beer to clear street debris and rubbish. Their payment includes two beers before work, two beers at lunch and one at the end of the day plus some money. And like other controversial policies in Amsterdam, the results are very encouraging. If they are alcoholics they will drink, so why not make it a volunteer with a little training and create a community.